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'If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.'
— (via suspend)

Jeppe Hein
A Smile For You24 April - 28 Juli 2013Bonniers Konsthall , Stockholm, Sweden

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In the winter of 2011, photographer and furniture designer Ana Kraš flew from her home in Belgrade, Serbia, to Los Angeles, where she’d been sent by a European magazine to photograph artist-musician Devendra Banhart. Within five minutes, he asked her to marry him. Despite her initial impulse to flee, she stayed—and the two have been together ever since. 
'Know that I loved you. Know that it was not enough.'
— Leigh Bardugo, Ruin and Rising  (via spuandi)
'When is a monster not a monster?
Oh, when you love it.
— Caitlyn Siehl  (via scrlett)

'Love will destroy more than it can fix.'
— Elay Neal Moses (via m-odaa)